About Dawn Stone, The Holistic Animal:

I have been working with and helping animals professionally since 2006. Mainly working with Horses and Dogs but I am also able to work with All animals. I am fully qualified and fully insured.

What made me decide to train in Animal Aromatics & Canine Flow?

At the time, I lived on a small holding and had 6 horses, 2 dogs, 4 cats, 2 sheep and 2 ducks. I was interested in trying to help my animals with any physical or behavioural issues and wanted to use complementary / natural ways.  I sought out Caroline Ingraham and attended a two-day introduction course which then enabled me to start using Aromatics on my own animals.  The results and transformation in my animals for both behavioural/emotional and physical conditions totally blew me away.  I then had the opportunity to study and train with Caroline and qualified to be a practising Animal Aromatics Professional in April 2006.

In 2016 I attended a weeks Retreat in Wales with Caroline Griffith, founder of Canine Flow.  The change in my 2 dogs and myself was astounding and I knew immediately that I wanted to learn more and after completing my studies I qualified as a Master Canine Flow Practitioner in May 2017.

When I work with an animal, I will be guided by them and will use either of the above techniques or a combination of both.

All an animal wants is to FEEL SAFE in the moment and how they are Feeling will determine their Behaviour.

What can affect how your animal is Feeling?

  • Owners and other family members
  • Stress in the household
  • Environment and current situations
  • Lack of Sleep / Rest
  • Body tensions and Pain
  • Diet
  • Sun and Moon cycle