Canine Flow – (for You and Your Canine companions)

Unique heart-based ways to understand and transform canine behaviour

By influencing the energy of how a dog is FEELING we can transform a dog’s behaviour, increase their ability to learn and release any stuck cellular memories, bringing them into balance and allowing for emotional flow once again. Canine Flow will help with Reactivity, Barking, Separation anxiety, Travel issues. Creating calmness helps to release Fears and Anxieties and other issues you and your dog may be encountering.

You can have a calmer, happier dog by increasing the time they spend at Peace and by learning great ways to allow them to ground and express their emotions, in dog-like ways.

Your dog has the biggest heart per body mass of any animal. They really do ‘know’ how you feel and what is going on around them, constantly reading the frequencies with their huge hearts, their inner ear magnetite and their VNO organ.

Feelings are becoming the root of all actions of behaviour as the dog tries and tries to sense and determine the energies of those around them.

Let’s provide them with the space to sense, the opportunity to ground and the peace to nourish – and watch them flourish and Flow!

  • Canine Hypnotherapy
  • Relaxation Techniques for Dogs and Owners
  • 1-2-1 home visits and Consultations
  • 1-2-1 Skype / Zoom Consultations
Canine Hypnotherapy