Relax Dog Classes ™

Classes are aimed at helping YOU and YOUR DOG to act and feel calmer, happier and more relaxed.

Traditionally dog behaviour and training has focused mostly on a dog’s mental and physical energies. Influencing those energies to flow and be balanced through commands, games, diet and appropriate exercise or activities.

There is room for a third energy to be considered as well, the dog’s Emotional Energy. The dog’s ability to live life by sensing what is around them and acting upon that feedback in order to always feel safe.

Relax Dog Classes will give you the space to practice being at Peace, Release Fears and Anxieties and Empower you to use your own thoughts to power up visualisations of preferred behaviours. Literally creating the dog you want!

The pressure is taken off when you learn ‘BEing’ rather than ‘DOing’.

Would you like to host RD Classes in your home / venue for you and your friends/clients?

90 minute sessions will include:

  • Calming & Meditation Techniques
  • Professional Canine Hypnotherapy
  • Refreshments (Tea, Coffee etc,.)
  • A minimum of 4 sessions is highly recommended

What do you need to do as a Host?

  • Provide sufficient safe space to accommodate dogs and owners
  • Invite a minimum of 4 friends / guests
  • Provide refreshments


(Daytime, Evenings and Weekends available)