Dawn came to help my little rescue Jack Russell Pancho, he was having pain issue the vet has been unable to diagnose paired with sickness and reactivity. Pancho immediately felt comfortable with Dawn even though he is shy of strangers. We’re a week on and so far so good, no sickness, no pain flare ups and back to normal walks without barking at a fly at 100 metres. Dawn has been at the end of the phone for any queries and has also recommended a physio to get to the bottom of his pain. 19.04.2019

Dawn has worked with my three rescue dogs and the change in them has been amazing. They have gone from being returned to kennels by previous adopters to competing in competitions and being non reactive around other dogs. Thanks Dawn for all your hard work and teaching me how to be calm. 17.04.2019

I had the pleasure of attending yesterday’s Canine Rural Retreat Day. However on this occasion I did not take my dog Gypsy as in the 3 years I have had her, she hasn’t been able to even look at another dog without trembling with fear and erupting into a barking lunging frenzy to keep them away, and so I thought this would be too much for both of us & decided to go it alone. But what an amazing day!! I learnt so much & really can’t recommend this experience highly enough (even better with your dog!) & came away feeling so chilled & relaxed and most of all enlightened & inspired. It is so difficult as a human to let go of our anxious thoughts about our dogs anxieties & instead tune into our heart & feelings. Dawn is so patient & kind and guides you through the day with real insight & passion. It really was a fantastic day, I learnt some powerful stuff about energy in a very relaxed & fun way, & the setting is so beautiful, I felt like I’d been on holiday! And when I got home, I kept that peaceful feeling within me & felt hopeful of transferring that energy to my dog. Look at miss gypsy tonight, snoring her head off after the most relaxed walk we’ve EVER had! Think I’m finally “getting it” with the heart energy. Transformation starts here! Thank you Dawn! x 04.06.2018

2 of my bitches always use to struggle with each other. It became so hard as fights had started happening and it felt like nothing we did helped. Enter Dawn! I’ve known Dawn for a while so called upon her expertise, guidance and wonderous ways, to see if she could help. A few flow sessions later, a bit of animal communication and getting rid of that ‘i’m a crap owner because 2 of my dogs don’t get on all the time’ feeling (which Dawn kicked out of me as a free extra ?), we now all live together in harmony! Asking for Dawn’s help was the best thing I did for our doggies and us! couldn’t recommend enough! thank you. 08.03.2019

Canine Retreat Day Sept 2019: My day with Brock at Dawn’s holistic rural retreat was one to cherish. Dawn guides toward a deeper understanding of our dog’s needs in the moment that we can take away to further support our partnership and develop a deeper and deeper bond. Without doubt, the day all dogs would choose. So looking forward to the next one. 10.09.2019

Canine Retreat Day Sept 2019:I recently attended one of Dawn’s retreat days and had an absolutely fantastic day! Everything about the day was perfect including the beautiful venue, amazing weather, lovely lunch, great company and the opportunity to be guided by Dawn into total relaxation with my dog Ruby. I can’t wait to go again!